Giving out shoes to the poor

Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred is coming from Uganda, he is married to Pretty Josephine and has 4 children. They work together as a team, and they serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Joesphine has a gift to make songs of worship, some of them you can hear at this site.

The evangelist Muliika growed up in a christian home, together with four brothers and 2 sisters. His father is a pastor for a church and serve the Lord full time.





" I am ordained to preach the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ, i am a teacher of the word of God.
i am the leader of Joint Youths Gospel International Ministries, here in Uganda, and i work as a director/founder of A Hand up to Africa.


I am an intercessor, i am training people to pray and be good stewards in the kingdom of God. My major goal in all this to uplift Jesus banner all over the world, and to win more souls into the kingdom of God."


2 Timothy 3:16-17 (KJV)

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Josephine's new songs 2015


The wife of Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred, have been in the studio and recorded some new songs. These songs she want to share and pray they will be to a blessing for you.

If you want to download a song: then right click the song you want in the playlist- choose save as- and save the mp3 file to your computer.


The street children project 2015 in Kampala Uganda

This month's project for December, we cooperate with Jesus friends in Norway on a prosjet we have called Street Children Project in Kampala in 2015.

The December 23, 2015, there will be a party for street children in Kampala in Uganda. We want to give them food, soft drinks, Bibles, and clothing. We expect even more people than last year, 1,100 people were served food and drinks and over 300 people invited Jesus into their lives.

Many of these street kids looking through the trash for others to find something to eat. Hunger is great and they take drugs and sniff glue to forget their troubles, imagine how difficult it must be for these kids.

They all look forward to this celebration, a day where they can eat properly fed, and together with others celebrate that Jesus was born, He who is the world's savior.

I've made a video, with a summary of some of the earlier projects.


Support of the mission work

We are so thankful to God for all those who is supporting this mission work in Uganda. With God's help and your prayers and financial support, we can help many more people who are suffering. In our hearts there is a fire to serve the Lord, and to see many more souls being saved.

I will invite you to be a part of this great work, stand with us in prayer. If you can contribute financially we insure you that we will use the money correct.


  • Name of our bank: BARCLAYS BANK OF UGANDA LTD
  • Address of our bank: PLOT 16 KAMPALA ROAD, P.O.BOX 2971, KAMPALA, UGANDA
  • Swift code of our bank: BARCUGKX
  • My bank account name: MULIIKA EMMANUEL FRED
  • Our Bank Account Number: 0285001196


Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred. P.O.BOX 3229 KAMPALA UGANDA EAST AFRICA

If you are from Scandinavia and want to give a gift to this project, you can give a gift to Jesus friends their account number 0539.36.37031

Here you can listen to the songs of Pretty Josephine, the wife of Muliika

The month's project for August 2015


Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred says.

This month has God blessed in a special way, there are so many widows with children who have been helped. We have created 3 videos that deal with August month project. We give God all the glory for all who have been helped this month

"For a short time ago, I met a widow Namukasa Jane, who had traveled fifty kilometers to see me. She fell weeping down at my feet and explained how hard she had it.

• Both she and her three children have HIV AIDS
• Her husband died in July 2015
• They lacked food and money to rent

I prayed with her and she accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, Furthermore, we asked God to help her.
Thursday, August 27, I visited her, I had with me a new Bible, rice, bread, books and pencils. I also gave her some money to buy other things that they need

We thank God and all those who have participated in this month's project, many widows have been helped and many children have been happy. We look forward to continuing on the same track in the future. "




An update of the month project for July

We want to thank everyone who has helped this month project, both dampers on the mission car has been replaced.

Evangelist Muliika Emmanuel Fred traveled with missionary team: Kakulu Richard, Lydia and Barak to Kabuswere Mbarara in western Uganda in week 30 in 2015. They preached the Word of God and taught them the biblical truths.

Muliika says:

"This is a place where there is much witchdoctors, and what is normal is that people go to them when they are sick or need rain. They bring with them money, a goat and a bull. These witch doctors ask the demons of giving rain to this area. When I came to this place had it not rained for eight months.

When I walked up to the pulpit I called upon Jesus' mighty name, and I invoked the Blood of Jesus over the place. I commanded the prince of darkness to remove his hands from this place in Jesus' mighty name. 30 minutes afterwards flows rained from the sky.

2 som blir helbredet 2015 juli

Many people came to be saved, we prayed for many sick among others an elderly lady. This lady was blind for 4 years and has since had to use a cane when she should move to different places. This woman was completely healed and got the sight back then Muliika prayed to God for her. There was also a man who had lost his hearing in one ear, hearing was restored, and he hears equally well in both ears.

2 being healed 2015 July

God's presence was so strong in this area, Jesus Christ took authority over this whole area. Thank you for your prayers and support.

There are many more places and people that we want to reach with the gospel. We need more resources so we can reach out to Uganda, Africa, Europe, America and the rest of the world. Pray for us, we need land to build a school, hospital, house / home for street children, orphans and widows.

You can find more information on this website about what we do.


For those who want to support the project of the month it is possible to send a donation to Jesus Friends. You find information under Donations

It is something we appreciate, praying for us and these projects means a lot to us and it's nice if someone wants to support that way too.

Street Children Project 2014

Read more about it .....

If you want to join us in this great work, please contact us!


Church of norway,

Jesus christ followers in Norway and Europe, God told me last night at 3am on sunday morning 17th, june 2015 when i was in prayer: Tell my people of Norway and Europe to wake up, let my church arise, pray, repent for moslems are taking over Norway and the continent of Europe. soon Jesus christ is coming back

Join us in praying and fasting for norway and europe all of next week.

Evangelist muliika emmanuel fred
E-mail. [email protected]

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


Here you can listen to the recording of the message, it is both in Norwegian and in English language.

A message from God to Norway and Europe 2015